Old Woman Down

I’m down and healing from a crazy thing called a “Baker’s Cyst”. As soon as I’m able I’ll be back to blog some more!!

Author: ritascountryways2022

I'm just a country girl living life my way on a farm with my husband and our critters. We've been married fifty years and been farming all of that time. We've moved from one family farm to one of our own and then to another family farm that has been in the family through at least six generations. In this day and age we could not have picked a better life!

4 thoughts on “Old Woman Down”

  1. Oh no! Such a busy time 😥 I hope you feel better quickly!! Baker’s Cyst is a new one on me. Maybe the “man upstairs” thought you needed some rest ❤


  2. Oh no, that’s not good. You’re going to be forced to REST!! Please take very good care of yourself, let Eddie do the heavy lifting (walking and standing) and enjoy a quiet Christmas!!!! 🎄💕


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