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Remember that bucket list I posted about in January. Here’s an update on how that’s going.

I started cleaning out closets and have all of my clothes closets and dressers organized and emptied of things I no longer wear. I’m waiting to do hubby’s when he has the time to help me with his clothes.

We haven’t done much traveling except to doctors and feed runs because of Covid and the weather.

I called two friends in January but haven’t had much time to slow down and take the time, but I will. My goal is one a month so I’m ahead of the game.

I’ve chosen Sunday afternoons to write my notes to friends and family and am getting about 4-6 every Sunday. I hope they’re enjoying the notes.

I started cleaning one room and decided I need to save this item for warmer weather. Curtains, bed linens & quilts need to be washed aired out on the clothesline and rugs need the help of the pressure washer and the full sun to dry. I think late April and early May will see these items completed.

One book has been read and second one started. I only read at night (and fall asleep) or on Sunday afternoons.

As for reading to my grandson over the phone is impossible because his attention span is very, very short. Instead, I write to him every Sunday and mail it on Monday. He usually gets the letters on Wednesday or Thursday and reads them to his grandmother.

I haven’t made anything creative except Heather’s quilt but that doesn’t count because it took two years. I’m working on this!! No picnics yet, we’ve been fencing a field and too cold to picnic.

I’ve taken lots of photos of the farm and nature, but they will be in my posts.

Out of eight new recipes I’ve tried since January 1, only two are worth mentioning and will post on the cooking page.

The greenhouse is not open yet to grow something I’ve never tried before because I haven’t opened the greenhouse yet.

If I can keep this up the “Bucket List” will be a “challenge” met!!!

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