Pay It Forward Day

I’m starting some new things for 2023 along with my Bucket List which I revised today after seeing it on paper it was a bit repetitive!! One of the other new things will be “Pay It Forward Day” which can be any day of the week or month. Since I’m not going out much these days, I’ll be writing lots of short notes to people that mean a lot to me. I’ll thank them for being a part of my life! I think I’ll be doing this at night when things are quiet, and I can really think about what the notes should say.

Some simple ideas that take hardly any time, effort or money might be:

Offer to return shopping carts for people at the grocery store

In heavy traffic, let someone out of a parking lot, you’ve stopped for a light anyway

If someone is short of change in front of you, offer the change they may need or if they only have a couple items let them through ahead of you

On baking day, take a loaf of bread or cookies to a neighbor

Compliment a parent on a well-behaved child

Leave a kind server a smile and the best tip you can afford, compliment them on their service

Thank a nurse or doctor for their care, these days that’s rare

Send a “thank you” note to the officers of your local sheriff’s department or firemen. How long does it take to write “thank you”! Same goes for the local linemen and telephone workers.

Take muffins or cookies to your local librarian

The list goes on and on and in this world acts of kindness go far and mean so much!! A smile goes even further, so what if they cause wrinkles!!!

Thank a cashier for helping you and let them know you appreciate them so much more than checking yourself out, they’re so much faster.

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