They’re Back . . .

He showed up on the fifteenth like clockworks. He’s sitting on a maple tree limb beside the front porch.

April 15th and our first hummer of the year has arrived. He found the feeder that I put out on the first and the next day another one showed up. We now have a male and female. I put the feeder out on the first because last year they showed up early and I wasn’t prepared. I checked their syrup yesterday afternoon to make sure it was still good, and I didn’t have to make another batch.

They’re always a bit flighty when they first show up and it was hard to get a good photo.

Early Morning On the Farm

It’s raining now and very dreary, we’re trying to put up new fence between showers and before thunder storms this afternoon.

My daughter left early this morning before the rain clouds moved in and sent me these beautiful scenes of the farm.

This was the view from her house of our side of the farm and I think it should be a wall painting!!!

God’s majesty in full color!!
We are so blessed!!
Our daughter is an awesome photographer and she gave me permission to use these in my blog today. Hope you enjoy them as much as I am!!

I’m so glad she was up and on the go this morning and able to get the beauty of the farm surrounding us.

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