Tricycle Planter

I had a planter for several years that looked like a tricycle with a box behind the seat. The box was made of a very 1/4-inch thin plywood. The last three years I had succulents in the box that did quite well until the bottom fell out of the box last fall. The box was made of wood which was very thin but everything I planted in it grew well. I started to send it to the landfill but didn’t for some reason.

This is the 2020 version of the planter filled with hens & chicks.

Well, my wonderful hubby thought he might be able to salvage the rotted mess and make it sturdier and he did just that!

I think it’s so cute and so much more sturdy!
The bottom of the box now has drainage holes. He also replaced the pedals on it.
I started to paint the seat but thought the aged look was better.

I think this year it will have red geraniums in the flower box!!

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