Added A Burgundy, Added a White & Lavender

I love plants of all kinds but especially houseplants in the wintertime. Our house doesn’t let a lot of light in. We have windows everywhere but overhang from the roof and maple trees surrounding three sides is limiting. I have one room over our living room that faces the south and is warm in the winter allows for a few. My favorite are African violets and mine bloom just about all year.

At the moment, these have just dropped their bloom. The blooms are different shades of purple and dark pink.

But, I just added these little beauties to the group.

Pale lavender and white came home with me last week.
This one has a different shade of pink.

The other houseplants are doing well, and I’ve received slips from friends and started a bunch of new ones that aren’t African violet.

Mother-in-law tongue
Prayer plant
Orchid cactus, I think.
Lots of cactus that bloom red, pink, magenta, pink & white, white and red.
Just started spider plant.
Mystery plant, it will get much larger and bloom and have marble size red berries, I call her Betty after the friend that gave me some of the berries. I have several of these started.
Burgundy shamrock that I just got from my hairdresser and it’s blooming. I love shamrocks. Green one next.
This is the newest that I got with the new African violets. So unusual and it’s called Snow-white Waffle plant.
CANNOT remember the name but I have two and they get really big and colorful. I got them from my mother-in-law several years ago. This is a start from the original.
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