For the last twenty years my hearing has grown worse and worse each year!! About fifteen years ago I went for a hearing test and was told that my hearing was bad, and I could get hearing aids for about $15000. We couldn’t afford that, and I thought I would just live with the loss and pay more attention to who was talking to me and that worked for a while!!

Recently, Eddie had to repeat everything he said to me and started raising her voice instead of looking at me when he talked so that could hear and read his lips enough to know what he was saying. It wasn’t just Eddie though, I had to repeatedly ask my children to speak up when talking to me and not talk to me when they were walking away from me. Even worse than that, Lord only knows how many deer walked right past me and I didn’t hear them.

Well, today my new hearing aids arrived, and I went to a very nice gentleman that tested me two weeks ago and we ordered my new ears at 1/5 the price they were fifteen years ago . Jason, of Connect Hearing, on Apperson Drive in Salem, was so patient, understanding, and helpful! The aids were placed in my ears at noon today and I had no idea how much noise I make in the house and how many things squeak, I can even hear the cloth of jeans rubbing when I walk and when I put them on it sounds like sandpaper against my dry skin. I have a feeling things are going to be completely different around here from now on!!

I hope you are not one of the people that I didn’t hear or constantly had to repeat things to me. Hearing and eyesight are two major senses, and we take them for advantage!!! Hold on to your health, my friends!!!

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