Barnevelder Chicks for 2023

The Barnevelder is a Dutch breed of domestic chicken. This is the first year I’ve raised this breed and they are supposed to lay dark chocolate brown, large eggs. However, the more eggs a chicken produces, the lighter colors they’ll be. Most hens weigh 5 to 6 pounds while roosters weigh between 7 and 8 pounds. So, they’re a little bit larger than the average chicken. They grow into gorgeous chickens. They prefer cold weather over hot and humid months, and they’ll get that on our farm. 

Full grown Barnevelder hen.
Full grown Barnevelder roo.
Now they look like little buzzards!!! 🙂 They’re not the cutest chicks I’ve ever raised!!

The chicks are in an aluminum bathtub on our screened in back porch and their bedding needs to be changed daily. Their water and feed are replaced twice a day and man can they eat!! The worse part of raising babies is the down that comes off as they are growing their feathers. The down dust (baby fuzz) is EVERYWHERE!! Today and maybe tomorrow they will graduate to the large brooder coop outside.

This is the brooder coop, well ventilated, large one end is heated, and the other end is for their feed and water.
The end with the bedding covers the open wire and gives them some shelter from the air moving under the coop. Both ends have a heat lamp in the ceiling for their warmth. The front of that end has a large board to keep them from the wind and to keep their bedding from blowing out. The other end the wire is exposed front and bottom for excellent ventilation. They will live in this brooder through May, June and July and will be moved into the older henhouse.
The “Chicken Big House” is a cinder block building. I take good care of my chickens.

One more thing, since we are still having cold temps in the mornings, below freezing, I will keep a tarp to cover the front of the brooder house after the sun goes down and take it often as soon as it warms up each morning. They will get the morning sun to help that as well.

Hope to have a couple more breeds to join the group by the end of June. Always plenty to do around here.

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