Library Cleaned Up & Organized

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up and cleaning out! I started with the upstairs foyer where I have my own little library. I had books in four different rooms and decided to go through them and keep those I haven’t read and those that I can read over and over. The rest will go to friends, local library and Goodwill.

The shelves are still full, but the other rooms are empty of books except for a few I have to read the next few months beside my armchair.
I’m an avid reader of all books but mainly fiction. Some of my favorite authors are Jean Auel, Jennifer Chiaverini, Danielle Steele, Nicholas Sparks, Karen White, and so many more.
All of these boxes are full of books to go out of the house.

Oh my, I just realized I still have a shelf full of books in our storage room on gardening, landscaping, decor, crafting, beekeeping, and heaven only knows what else. Guess I better find some big boxes because I know there’s a lot of those that will have to go!!!

Giveaways lucky winners

I am a member of the Goodreads site and keep up with my reading habits on the site. I also enter their contests for free books every day. I’ve won several from them over the years and they’re geared to what I love to read.

Last week I got the following email from the site:

Congratulations Rita!

You are one of our Giveaways lucky winners! You will soon receive a free copy of “Something Wilder” in the mail. Please allow a few weeks for shipping.

Goodreads keeps up with what I’m currently reading, what books I’ve read, the books I want to read, reading challenges, recommendations in the genre I like and so much more. It doesn’t cost anything!!! You can hook up with other folks that love to read, their recommendations, and ratings on books. It gives you updates on new releases from authors you like and on genres you might want to try.

Try Goodreads, you’ll like if you like to read.

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