Bull Lot Fencing

We started on the bull lot fence Monday and got all of the bad wire fence down and the broken posts pulled out. The new posts have been placed and the wire tighteners on the end posts. The brace post where the gate entrance is, has been put up and then we had to stop. The weather isn’t that cold, but the winds are blowing at 20 – 40 miles an hour. We just can’t tolerate that now. Here’s a few pictures of what we got done in about two hours.

Brace post at the lot entrance.
We placed treated posts but there are still a few of the old locust posts that are still firm in the ground.
The lane between the bull lot and the pond field will have mostly four strands of high-tensile wire with a single barbed wire at the top.

If Mother Nature allows it, we hope to have the wire strung and nailed on next week.

I love working outside with hubby and accomplishing as much as we do at seventy+ years old.

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