Family Visit

My husband’s cousin and her family came for a visit/camping trip on Sunday before Easter and stayed the week. They camped out on the farm that she inherits from her father, Stuart Tompkins and grandmother, Peggy Ann Caldwell Tompkins. Dana and Kenny, her husband hope to move here in the near future!!! We’re excited and can’t wait to have three beautiful little girls across the road from us!! Vada, Jillian and Jolene are just precious and love the farm! They worked most of the time they were here trying to make it easier to camp in the future and while building their new home.

They camped out in a tent on their farm and had adventures all over the farm, hiked to the Cascade Falls in Giles County, fished in the ponds on the farm, hiked Little Mountain in front of our farm and generally had a blast!!

It was pretty cold during the visit in the mornings but they love camping.
They bought their three dogs with them. I don’t have a photo of the foxhound.
We’re all animal lovers.
This is the family home they’re inheriting.
Vada is the oldest and the twins are a couple years younger.
Trip to the Cascades.
This is the front view of the family home and where they camped.
The largest chicken house on the farm.
The smaller of the chicken houses.
Lots of hiking
Fishing with Dad
Riding on the farm and in the mountains.

They can’t get back here soon enough for me.

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