New Chicken Run-Go Away Mr. Fox

It’s been a month in the making but the chicken run is finally completed. The hens won’t like that they can’t run free all the time, but the fox won’t be getting any more of my fat laying hens.

The fencing has 2×3 inch wire sections.
Eddie hauled in three large pine trees to brace against the bottom of the fence to keep any varmints from digging in from three sides. I stapled the fence about every thirty-six inches to the post from the inside of the pen. There is no give at all for anything to get under.
We built a new gate with hooks to keep it closed or to keep it open. We used the same wire on the gate. It’s as tall as the fence. He also put an electric wire around the outside for climbing varmints. If they touch it the entire fence will electrify. It also keeps the cattle that graze around the lot from rubbing the corner and brace posts and making them loose. Wide boards were placed on each end of the coop to keep the hens in and varmints out.
Each corner of the fence was as pulled in at an angle to keep the top of the fence from swaying and fluorescent ribbon was placed sporadically across the top of the fence to blow in the wind and scare off hawks, eagles and owls from swooping in and catching our flock.
An old feeder was placed in the center of the pen for water. It’s in the center to prevent the chickens from getting on top of it and trying to fly out. My hens are so heavy I don’t think they can attempt that height but you err on the turn of caution.
Their safety is utmost in having a good laying flock and I think we have that now. I intend on letting them out of the enclosure a couple times a month just so they can forage all the bugs and worms they need. They graze just as much as the cows but not consuming every blade of grass.

Life is sooooooo good!!!! 🙂

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