The Herb Garden

I’ve got my new herb garden set up and planted some of the herbs from the greenhouse.

The rows are marked and some of the herbs are in.

I planted some oregano and lemon balm last year that came back and are doing quite well. They are pictured about midway in this photo. The white placards down the outer box name each herb that has or will be planted. The herbs I’m trying this summer besides the oregano and lemon balm are Opal basil, summer savory, thyme, marjoram, sage, Italian parsley, Italian basil, dill, lemon balm, tarragon, lemon basil, lavender, cinnamon basil, lemon savory, rosemary and fennel. I spoke of these in an earlier post about what was growing in the greenhouse. I’ve since added cilantro, chives, and chocolate mint.

During the summer reading I hope to add to my knowledge how to harvest, dry and save the herbs for my cooking pleasure.

Opal basil is one I’m growing for the beauty of the plant as much as for the flavor.
The placards are more for my benefit when I start drying and saving. Also, they will let me know what’s growing well and what is taking over the herb bed.
I think if you open the photo and enlarge you can see what I see when working in the garden. The end of the bed holds the dill which tends to drop seed everywhere and the wind blows the seed quite easily. I hope it doesn’t end up in the rose garden.

I will update the progress of the herb as the summer passes.

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