My Sewing/Creating Room

After the books were removed from my sewing room, I knew I needed to clean out the small closet in that room and paint it. It was perfect for more organization.

This is the closet before I started pulling out, cleaning, painting and putting up shelves. It had a lot of upper space perfect for shelving and it was 40 inches wide.
This cabinet set in front of the closet and was FULL of books. They all went to the library in the foyer. It is now full of crafting and sewing supplies.
It’s all pretty and white and doesn’t need a light to see where everything is but I may put a touch light just in case I need to be in the closet at night.
It’s perfect for the large baskets of crochet, yarn, embroidery, quilt batting and more without being crowded.
To the left of the closet is my treasure of quilting books and magazines.

This is the built in shelving unit to the left of the magazines. I have all sorts of crafting items in their own box and labeled.

I have two bureaus full of fabric in this room sorted by color for each drawer. On top of the chest is a monitor and dvd player for instructional videos.
The second chest full of fabric. I’m not a hoarder but I do love having lots of fabric for different projects. The bad part is I haven’t used much of it and hope that someone in my family will carry on my creative gene.
Between those two chests is my embroidery station. It’s being used less than anything but I’m making a quilt from this embroidery project. Takes time!!!
On the next wall is my cutting table and under it and on both ends are more fabric sorted by color.
In the middle of the room is a crafting station. I made a special cover to go over it that has pockets for tools used on this table.
In front of that worktable and beside the closet is my wonderful Brother sewing machine. I placed it and the embroidery machine in front of the two windows in the room to have perfect light for anything I made be working on.
As if I didn’t have enough to keep me occupied, this is a weaving loom. Two very special friends bought this for me when they went to a quilting show that I wasn’t able to attend. I still haven’t made a rug yet, but it’s started. I just need to be brave enough to try something new!!! Mary & Dianne do you remember this?

So now you’ve seen a couple things I’ve been up to and a lot of things that are waiting on me to find the time!! I didn’t show the pile of mending and re-fashion I’ve got waiting !

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