Rudy, the New Rooster

Click on the photo to see “the rest of the story”!

I would like to introduce our newest rooster which was raised on the farm by one of my Barred Rock hens, Blue and his name is Rudy. His mother was a Barred Rock that was given to me by a friend along with four of her siblings. They all lay beautiful large brown eggs, when they’re not molting and lots of the eggs are double yoke’s, great when baking.

This isn’t a very good photo of him and he’s much larger than he appears, but he is young.

The other roosters, were recycled into jerky for Sadie. One was two years old with huge spurs and he tortured all of the hens. When he crowed it sounded like someone trying to scream in a deep voice. You could hear him a mile away.

The other two were siblings of Rudy and I didn’t need four roosters on the farm. I think I picked the best roo for the farm and our hens. Barred Rocks are gentle and lay beautiful eggs, though Rudy won’t but I do have some hens that go broody in early summer.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more photos and tales of Rudy as he matures.

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