A New Piece of Equipment

As soon as you think you have everything you need in the way of equipment something breaks down or wears out. Such is the case with our hay tedder. What’s that??? Well, it’s a piece of equipment that speeds up the drying process of the hay that has been cut and that usually saves at least one day, sometimes two, depending on the heaviness of the hay. The most important function of the tedder is it fluffs the hay to let air flow through the rows of cut hay, and it also brings the bottom of the hay to the top and exposes it to sunlight, which leads to faster, more uniform dry down.

Our wore out tedder is a single row machine and since we had a good last sale of our calves for 2022, Eddie decided to buy a double row machine to make things go even faster. She’s a beauty and she’s ready for the hayfields.

Our daughter, Heather, will more than likely be using this equipment if it’s cut on her day off from her off the farm business. She loves working on the farm with her Dad.

The hay tedder is also a fantastic tool to dry hay when we get an unexpected shower after the hay is cut or if a fall cutting gets frosted after it’s been cut. We let the sun dry the top and flip with the tedder to dry what was on the bottom.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our farming work and time and make life just a tad better. Now we just need for Mother Nature to do her part.

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