The quilt is done and now my spare bedroom and office are opened up again and I can actually get to my clothes in the dresser and closet without moving the quilting frame.

The quilting frame took up all of this open space.
One corner of the room which is off the kitchen is my office and where I post these stories.

This room doesn’t have a heat source but it’s cozy on one end and the other end is perfect for a small office area. Sadie likes to come in here and lay on a rug because it’s cool.

Author: ritascountryways2022

I'm just a country girl living life my way on a farm with my husband and our critters. We've been married fifty years and been farming all of that time. We've moved from one family farm to one of our own and then to another family farm that has been in the family through at least six generations. In this day and age we could not have picked a better life!

4 thoughts on “SPARE BEDROOM/OFFICE”

  1. Your room does look nice and cozy! I saw one of the quilting machines in my son’s house before he bought it, it was way larger than I thought!! It took up the whole room 🙂


  2. It looks like you’ve got yourself the perfect office and hideout, Rita. You can get yourself a little space heater for the cold days. That’s what I have in my office hideaway, and I turn it on about a half hour before I’m going to go down there. Perfect!


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