Just A Swingin’

Forty-degree nights definitely don’t mean summertime but when the porch swing goes back in position summer is not far off.

I love porch swinging and reading a book. I love porch swinging and listening to nature. I love porch swinging and listening to country music on my jambox!

She got a board replaced and a new paint job. She got new chains. All she needs now if a soft cushion, some corner pillows and a warm quilt or blanket. I’ll make those pillows and cushion sometime this week.

The entire family loves swinging and can’t wait for the grandkids to join me this summer for some easy visiting on the front porch!!

These two love the porch swing as much as I do.
Lying stretched out on it at night listening to night sounds is so comforting!

Can’t wait for friends to visit so we can sit together catching up on happenings in our mutual families!

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